Tourism and Hospitality

Singidunum University is the leading higher education institution in the region educating tourism and hospitality experts. Four-year studies at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management are designed to meet the needs of those who have decided to pursue a successful career in the tourism industry - currently the most widespread and the fastest growing industry worldwide.

The teaching process at this study programme is based on a multidisciplinary approach. Namely, particular attention is devoted to gaining knowledge and skills in the field of economics, IT and foreign language learning. The internship is an integral part of this study programme.

The three elective options - Tourism, Hospitality and Food Economics-will allow students to develop professional and personal skills and successfully prepare for the leading positions in their respective fields.

Besides available elective options related to the tourism and hotel industry, we have also started educating experts in the field of gastronomy. This study option enables students to attend general courses in the field of economics and tourism, as well as specialized courses, such as restaurant management, gastronomy, food technology etc.  Students who choose Gastronomy as their study option, shall become familiar with the microbiological, chemical, physical and sensory quality of food, they will learn about the technological processes of food production, its nutritional value, cooking methods, the quality system of food in restaurants and retail chains, cultural and geographical aspects of food. Moreover, they shall acquire the necessary knowledge in the area of economics to successfully manage food sales and distribution.

Upon graduation, the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management students shall acquire the academic title of Bachelor of Science in Economics (BSc. in Econ.).

The tourism industry and related activities and other organizations in the tourism sector employ many people. Long-term forecasts suggest a further increase in tourist movements and consumption in the country and worldwide, which will provide a wide range of jobs for those interested in this field. Jobs that graduates can do include: hotel business management, spa and wellness centres management, catering, commercial and social restaurants management, working in travel agencies and organizations, improving the quality of services, event management, sales, consulting services, marketing, human resources, market research, and many other positions. The students who successfully graduate from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management can also provide quality services in the areas of transport, trade, banking, insurance and many other areas of the private and public sectors.

Upon successful completion of studies, the students shall acquire relevant skills and knowledge that will enable them to be competitive in the labour market.
Course books and study materials for the current semester are included in the tuition fee.

The elective courses are available here.

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