Information technology

This study programme is designed so as to keep pace with the development and innovations in IT field, modern web services, Internet marketing, contemporary managerial approaches, keeping abreast of the requirements stemming from practical implementation of knowledge related to business systems. What makes this programme unique and attractive to prospective students is the fact that it places special emphasis on Internet technologies and web services, which is in agreement with the latest technological innovations in the field.


This study programme enables acquisition of knowledge required for resolving real-life issues associated with understanding, designing, procuring, selling, installing and organizing of IT jobs within an organization. Furthermore, this study programme offers necessary economy-related knowledge that will enable students to properly understand business systems. Acquired knowledge paves the way for implementing database and information systems in support of business operations. Relying on the knowledge of programming and web site design, as well as knowledge on social networks and Cloud Computing, the students are well-prepared to organize Internet marketing in best possible way and improve the organization’s overall performance while keeping pace with the latest trends. The importance of this study programme lies in the study of practical implementations in computer applications associated with e-business, analytics and reporting.


This study programme should educate experts capable of extending support to the organization’s business, i.e. make adequate decisions using all available and up-to-date information. In order to do so, it relies on intensive data analysis, decision-support systems, business reporting and other principles that have been lately grouped under an all-encompassing term of Big Data. Upon successful completion of the study programme Information Technology, the students will have a wide range of possibilities for finding the desired employment in the domain of IT support, website design, online marketing campaigns, data protection in organizations, full information system design, procurement, installation and sale of IT products. This study programme is designed to respond adequately to the needs and requirements of the leading companies in Serbia that fruitfully cooperate with Singidunum University.


Upon successful completion of studies, the students of this programme shall acquire the academic title of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

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