Sports Management

The accredited study program Sports Management includes 8 semesters of theoretical and practical lessons for a period of 4 years. After completing all exams, the student will obtain 240 ECTS (credits) and will be awarded a diploma/degree issued by the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports Management, Singidunum University.

During the studies, students will receive a broad spectrum, sports-related education, which will enable them to understand sports industry both in Serbia and around the globe. The structure of the study program will make our graduate students understand not only the organization of sports clubs and associations, sports management, sports marketing, sports event management but also the basics of economics, business finance and sociology.

Each student will be provided with practice in sports organizations, such as team sports: football, basketball, handball, volleyball, water polo, as well as segments related to individual sports.
Sports Management study program aims at:

  • those who are interested in business and pursuing a career in the sports industry
  • active athletes who want to improve their knowledge of the sports industry
  • former athletes who want to remain active in sports industry

In compliance with the globally acknowledged study programs concerning sports management, the Sports Management study program, run at Singidunum University educates professionals who will be able to cope with all the potential challenges related to sports and business practices.

Sports Management study program graduates are fully competent for numerous activities:

  • Preparation, evaluation and execution of programs and projects in the field of sports
  • Competition systems organization and realization
  • sports facilities usage planning
  • matches, meetings and competitions organization
  • PR and marketing activities for the purposes of e.g. sports clubs, associations and organizations

Upon graduation, Sports Management students can be recruited in the following positions:

  • Manager in business / sports organizations
  • Sports director
  • Sports organizations Secretary
  • Fitness and Wellness Center Manager
  • Marketing Manager in sports
  • PR Manager in sports
  • Manager of Human Resources in Sports
  • Organizer of sports events, systems of competitions and events
  • Sports objects Manager
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