The University has male and female basketball and volleyball team, male football and handball team, cheerleading section, as well as outstanding individual tennis and table tennis players. We have been working intensively on establishing new sections, such as water polo and swimming, and other team and individual sports. It all started in the “Menadzerijada“ in Budva in 2004, through many national league games and tournaments, and then "EuroMilano" 2011, "Tournoi des 5 Ballons" in Paris and "EuroValencia" in 2012. The greatest success of Singidunum University was reached on 28 April 2013, when we won the tournament, "EuroIbiza". All of our participants won one of the top three places in their dispicline, and, in the overall standings, they were far ahead of the colleagues from Spain, France, Italy, Algeria, Libya, and so on. Among the students who do recreational sports and defend the colors of the University, our teams have professional athletes and national team players with great desire to participate in all activities of the University Singidunum.

Students who wish to engage in any of the teams should register via e-mail: parlament@singidunum.ac.rs.

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