Students’ Parliament

Students’ Parliament is the body through which the students exercise their rights and protect their interests during their studies. Members of the Students’ Parliament are student representatives from each faculty, and all the years of studies within the University. Students’ Parliament is represented by the President of the Students’ Parliament.

The competencies of Students’ Parliament are (Article 5 of the Regulation of activities of the Students’ Parliament, Singidunum University):

  • appointing and dismissing the President and Vice President of Students’ Parliament
  • adopting general acts related to its activities
  • establishing working groups dealing with specific matters related to Students’ Parliament.
  • electing and dismissing the student representatives within the University’s bodies and organizations
  • adopting an annual plan and programme activities of the Students’ Parliament
  • integrating the work of the Students’ Parliaments from the each of the University faculties
  • considering the issues and implementation of activities related to security, and the quality of teaching, reform of study programmes, analysis of the efficiency study,
  • improving student mobility, encouraging scientific research work of students and protection of students’ rights
  • participating in the process of self-evaluation of the University in accordance with the University Statute
  • realization of student inter-university and international cooperation
  • appointing and dismissing of the members of the Student Conference of Serbian Universities
  • adopting the annual report submitted by the President of the Students’ Parliament
  • performing other activities in accordance with the Law, University Statute and general University acts


Besides the existing working groups for sports and debate club, several other new groups shall be established in the foreseeable future.

For more information, please send inquiries to: parlament@singidunum.ac.rs.

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