The Singidunum University Institute

Singidunum University has established the Institute as a separate organizational unit, bearing in mind the enhancement of its own resources and growing needs of the society and the labour market of the Republic of Serbia for a respectable, multi-functional scientific institution. The global economic crisis, economies in transition, European integration, global economy, technological progress and social changes, pose new challenges to our economy and society, seeking answers and solutions, which are often very complex and time-limited. Bearing in mind its social responsibility, Singidunum University through its Institute participates in finding the best ways in which individuals, organizations and the country as a whole needs to go on their way towards a better tomorrow. This is achieved through transfer of knowledge, skills and techniques of the employees and partners of Singidunum University to all those who need new insights, advice and immediate assistance to overcome their short-term and long-term assignments, and make and achieve long-term plans.

However, this itinerary is not one-way; it is just as intense in the opposite direction. Experiences and practices of entrepreneurs, companies and business systems we cooperate with, their problems, needs, ups and downs, are a valuable treasure trove of case studies that will be studied at all academic years at our study programmes. Finally, the mission of the Institute is to be a great hub for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, identifying problems and possible solutions, and providing services to meet the needs of all parties involved.

Activities of the Institute

The Institute provides intellectual and organizational services for internal and external purposes. As regards internal purposes, the Institute carries out scientific research projects at Singidunum University, with or without an external partner, on the current and relevant topics applicable in the industry sector. This includes participation in the EU programmes such as Tempus IV, Seventh Framework Programme, or IPA, scientific research and development projects of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development, as well as the projects of other Ministries of the Republic of Serbia. Accordingly, the Institute participates in the following activities:

  • organizes scientific research activities,
  • organizes scientific and professional meetings and seminars
  • organizes national and international cooperation,
  • organizes centers and vocational schools for scientific and professional discipline of special importance.

The Institute encourages and helps the economy and society of the Republic of Serbia to keep pace with the latest trends and make progress rapidly, and every lecturer and the student at the University plays an important role in the overall process.
The Institute offers the following services:

  • creates professional projects at the request of domestic or foreign clients
  • organizes continuous education
  • provides consulting services
  • provides training and consulting services for special purposes.


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