Registration for Red Hat courses is starting!

Singidunum University, as a member of the Red Hat Academy, provides its students with free Red Hat courses. Since 2020, over 150 students have been certified, and some of them have already started their first job as junior DevOps engineer. Apart from online training, Red Hat provides certified students with access to the Talent Network platform, where they can be discovered by Red Hat business partners who are seeking potential employees.

How to register for the courses:

  1. Following the steps at this link, the student creates his RH ID (Red Hat username).
  2. To the RHA instructor, the student forwards to the e-mail: RHID, the email with which he registered on the RHA platform and the name of the desired course. The list of courses is available at this link. If a student applies for the first time, it is necessary first to complete the course "Red Hat System Administration 1", and then "RH System Administration 2", after which he can choose the next course from the list. The Red Hat Academy instructor at Singidunum University is prof. dr Angelina Njeguš and the e-mail is anjegus|mmnkk|singidunum.ac.rs.
  3. The RHA instructor registers the student for the course, after which the student receives an email from Red Hat Academy with a link to access the course.

The Red Hat courses will remain open until the end of the summer semester.

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