President's address

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Dear students, future colleagues,

It is my immense pleasure to welcome you on my own behalf and on behalf of the entire staff at Singidunum University. We shall strive together towards your progress and development as we want you to become well-educated, dedicated and responsible members of our society, who will serve in their family’s honor and contribute to the overall economic and social development of their country.

In recent decades, civilization has made rapid progress owing to numerous inventions. Only 20 years ago, some of today's most sought-after professions did not exist. At the time such inventions were disclosed, their impact on today people’s lives was unpredictable, just as today we cannot predict what the future holds and how we will live 50 years from now. However, what we do know is that the world will belong to those well-educated, and that only those who are motivated to learn and make progress will participate in the development of the country and society in the years upon us.

Study programmes at all faculties within Singidunum University encompass a wide range of scientific disciplines. Our lecturers use modern methods that will allow you to become an active participant in the teaching and learning process and simultaneously develop the ability to think critically.  A partnership with over five hundred largest companies in Serbia, in which you, as our students, fulfill your practical training, is the key factor that will contribute to your education. It will be designed and carried out in accordance with the market demands and will allow you to compete on an equal footing in the labor market.

Our teaching and non-teaching staff puts forth substantial effort to enable you to build your own system of values and caring for the academic and professional qualities, responsibility and ethics, besides gaining professional skills and expertise. Thus, we want to make you responsible and dedicated academics, who can respond to all challenges expertly, professionally and conscientiously.

I warmly invite those of you who are still not sure where to pursue your studies to visit Singidunum University and see for yourself the dedication of our lecturers and state-of-the art working conditions, thanks to which you will be able to reach your full potential.  If you are among those who have given us confidence, I wish you to fully explore all options available, successful complete your studies and cherish only fond memories of your studies at our University.

Welcome to the University where your future starts!

Professor Milovan Stanišić, PhD
President of Singidunum University

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