Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management

The internship for the students of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management is compulsory, and is envisaged by the university curricula.

The internship for 3rd year students will be organized in the sixth semester and will last one month (May). The internship for 4th year students is organized in the eighth semester and lasts 6 weeks (May-June) and is registered as part of the Practical research and business skills course.

Online-exclusive submission of applications is categorized according to students’ major field and areas of interest and the form is available on Singidunum University website, under the option students-internships, and will be open until the end of February next year.

Students who wish to organize their internship independently should bring a certificate from the organization (signed and verified by the authorized person, specifying the duration of internship), based on which the University will issue an internship referral form.

Students who have previously completed their internship in the country or abroad should bring the proof of the aforementioned in order to have it officially recognized by the University. Students are also required to submit their internship journal, verified by the employer. The journal is available for download in the Serbian language (here) and in the English language (here).

Working students are granted exemption from the internship (they need to submit the certificate of employment issued by the company and signed and verified by the authorized person).

Students wishing to report their internship may do so during professor Vesna Spasic’s office hours. They are required to bring along the proof of completion, an internship journal (in Serbian) or the English language (link) and their record book.

The internship is registered in the record book and the estudent account in the Assignment overview section. 3rd year students acquire a number of ECTS credits on account of completed internship, but are unable to register it as an exam.

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