Faculty of Informatics and Computing

The students of the Faculty of Informatics and Computing can apply for an internship exclusively on-line. The University shall send its best final year students who submit an on-line application by the end of April of the current school year to do an internship in eminent organizations and institutions. Students will be subsequently informed on the terms of the internship, depending on their needs and requirements of the organizations.

The students who have previously completed professional internship in the country or abroad should bring the proof of completed internship in order for it to be recognized or validated. Students who are employed are exempt from doing an internship (based on the employment certificates issued by the company, signed and stamped by the authorized person). Students who wish to independently organize professional internship should bring a certificate from the organization (signed and stamped by the authorized person, stating the period of an internship), on the basis of which the University will issue instructions for the internship. Certificates are given to the assistant professor Zona Kostic. Registration of completed professional internship takes place during the time scheduled for office hours of Prof. Zona Kostic.

When registering an internship, it is necessary to provide a certificate of completed internship, filled internship portfolio and students’ ID booklet, signed by the dean, Prof. Dragan Cvetkovic, PhD.

The internship is written in the booklet and recorded on the e-STUDENT account in the section Review of Obligations. Based on the completed internship, the students shall get the appropriate number of ECTS credits. The internship is not a substitute for an exam.

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