The Food Economics Study Programme Presented with the Brand Leader Award

The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management of Singidunum University received the Brand Leader Award 2017 for the Food Economics study programme by the Specialised Committee of the 7th Business Conference ‘South East Europe Tourism– SEET 2017’.

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The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management was announced a leader in setting new standards in educating qualified workforce in the field of tourism and hospitality in the Southeast Europe.

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The award was handed out to Professor Svetlana Stanišić, PhD, at the 7th Business Conference ‘The South East Europe Tourism – SEET 2017’, who in her speech, highlighted the following points:

‘In recent years, endeavours undertaken by the authorities in the field of higher education that in accordance with global trends the dual education model be adopted by the faculties in Serbia have been noticeable. The modern concept of education that was based on student training and which was incorporated into the new study programme entitled the Food Economics as of last year, was introduced by the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management of Singidunum University at the very beginning. The Food Economics study programme is unique in Serbia in terms of its contents and intended outcome. It is an optimal combination of theory and training students get in eminent hotels and restaurants for the duration of a few months, as well as an opportunity for them to acquire foreign languages and computer skills with the aim of future graduates becoming successful managers and entrepreneurs in the field of hospitality, who will be completely prepared to face all market challenges’.

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The conference was opened with a speech delivered by Assistant Professor Miroslav Knežević, PhD, State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications.

The introductory lecture was presented by Professor Slobodan Unković, PhD, Emeritus Professor, whereas Professor Slobodan Čerović, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management was the moderator of the panel entitled ‘The Place of the Southeast European Region on a Global Tourist Map’.

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The best students of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management of Singidunum University also took part in the central part of the conference which was hosted at Sava Centre in Belgrade on Wednesday, 4 October 2017.

Students Nikola Baroš, Nevena Ilić, Sandra Gavrilović, Neven Miljković, Kristina Veličković, Dušan Baroš, Teodora Daskalović, Aleksandra Novaković, Aleksandra Milosavljević, Milica Balaban, Jelena Živanović, Damjan Zdravković, Anja Milijić, Milica Karaičić had an opportunity to learn from experience shared by representatives of tourist organisations, hotels, tour operators, common carriers and airlines from more than twenty European countries.

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Students were led to the conference by Assistant Dušan Borovčanin and Predrag Obradović, Marketing and PR Manager of Singidunum University.

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The photo gallery of the conference and the award ceremony is available on the Singidunum University official Facebook page. Photographer: Nataša Paunović, member of the Media Club.

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