Our students at the lecture Brands on the Net from your, their and Google's angle

UEPS continued the series of lectures, which make it widely known for decades, with the lecture Brands on the Net from Your, Their, and Google’s Angle held on June 27, 2017 at the Museum of Applied Arts.

UEPS pozivnica

Singidunum University attended the event with two winning marketing teams from the Marketing Day of December 2016. Professor Jelena Stanković, PhD, accompanied the students.  

Association for Market Communications of Serbia – UEPS posted the following text about the event on its web site:

UEPS slika

The lecture was divided into three parts. In the first part, Predrag Milićević, the head of the Business Development and Marketing of RNIDS Foundation, talked about several topics that make the net identity, with excellent examples of what can happen to those who are not informed or open and close their Domains without much thinking. All users or creators of content on the net definitely need to hear this man! Predrag Milićević gave examples from the global and domestic practice about everything that most users do not think about when using social networks, open e-mail addresses, or create a corporate or personal site, and which often creates problems or even has dramatic consequences. In addition, he provided a series of useful instructions and tips about selecting domains, breaking stereotypes about national and international domains.

Ana Pavlović, Digital Account Director of VEB Media Agency, has told a nice story on making love flourish between the brand and consumers, turning every click into shopping, and gave examples from her practice. Ana has charmingly, simply and concisely presented some of the brands (Maxi, DM, Maybelline) for which she created the net presence, with the aim to increase sales and create firm connection of consumers with the brand. The campaign created by VEB Media Agency for Maxi proved that potatoes can become as digitally attractive and creative as a lipstick, and confirmed that digital promotions help achieve greater visibility in the market, but also better sales - the ultimate goal. Ana's presentation showed that a good idea or a creative approach is often more effective than large budgets.

Finally, wonderful young people, students of Singidunum University presented their work on the topic We Think Digital in which they branded their University in a digital environment - the charming energy of youth combined with a wide spectrum of mature professional thinking. The future certainly belongs to them, and UEPS has supported their first promising steps.

The lecture was moderated by Mugdim Šehalić, who organized hundreds of UEPS lectures, patiently and persistently for years.

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