Interview - Ali Elsadai - Libya

Ali: I’m Ali Elsadai and I’m from Libya. I’m a student of informatics and computing at Singidunum University. I came to Serbia in 2014. with my father who is a phd student. So my whole family came here. My native country, Libya is in the North of Africa, on the Mediterranean sea coast and in the South of Libya there is Sahara, one of the biggest deserts in the world. We have a lot of interesting places and 2.000 km of the Mediterranean sea coast which is really good for tourism.


How did you decide to enroll to Singidunum University?

Ali: When I came here I was looking for an University that has an English study program. The other University’s had only a masters degree and a phd in English. Through my father I heard that Singidunum University has an English program so I decided to enroll here.


Could you compare the school system in your native country and the school system here in Serbia?

Ali: The school systems are quite similar but there are some difference. Another difference is regarding the examination period. There we only have two examination periods. You have to pass in the first examination period or in the second otherwise you will have to take the course for the next year. That’s the only thing that is different.


Are you pleased with the teaching methods here? Has Singidunum University met you expectations?

Ali: Yes, I am very pleased. Actually, it was quite useful for me in all aspects. From the language, the teaching material. They provide a lot of practicum classes which I think is very important for us. In this field I think that we don’t need much theoretical learning.


Do you have any plans after you get your college degree?

Ali: I plan to get my masters degree. I hope that I will get my bachelor degree next year, if I pass all my exams. After that I’m thinking of going back to Libya and to work as a teacher at some University, or set up my own business.


If you had to describe your college experience here at Singidunum University, which words would you choose?

Ali: Great!



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