International students at Singidunum University

As a highly innovative and competitive higher education institution, Singidunum University advocates intercultural awareness and mutual understanding among students coming from different cultural and social backgrounds.  One of such initiatives was the International day, which was organized on April 11, 2016, at a university building at 261 Kumodraška Street.


International students  enrolled in study  programmes in English at Singidunum University delivered riveting presentations to their Serbian colleagues on  their cultural traits, tradition, customs  and gastronomic heritage.

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A great majority of them was from Libya, Great Britain, Nigeria, Angola, Romania, China, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Belarus, Qatar, Zimbabwe and Montenegro.

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Prof. Mladen Veinovic, PhD, rector of Singidunum  University addressed the attendees of this gathering. He extended a warm welcome to all international students at Singidunum University, and told them that they have made the right choice and that they will acquire necessary skills and knowledge at Singidunum University. He also emphasized that they should take this opportunity to learn more about Serbian cultural and historical heritage, establish contacts and friendships with their colleagues from Serbia, and pass along their positive impressions of Belgrade and Serbia.

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Upon the official ceremony, an open-top bus tour around Belgrade was organized for all international students at Singidunum University. They were accompanied by their colleagues from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, who have shown them the most interesting and famous Belgrade attractions, including St. Sava temple, Kalemegdan fortress, Knez Mihailova Street, Skadarlija etc. This sightseeing tour was supported by IDEA.

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Please visit the official Facebook page of Singidunum University to download photos taken during the International day.

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