Graduation ceremony and staff conference

June 28 - Day of Singidunum University, as well as 18th anniversary of the founding of its first Faculty, were celebrated by the Graduation Ceremony and the Staff Conference. 


Professors, assistants, students and guests of Singidunum University attended the conference and they were addressed by:

  • Prof. Mladen Veinović, PhD, Rector of Singidunum University
  • Prof. Zora Konjović, PhD, Coordinator of the Center Novi Sad
  • Prof. Bratislav Milovanović, PhD, Coordinator of the Center Niš
  • Prof. Zoran Jokić, PhD, from the Faculty of Health, Legal and Business Studies in Valjevo
  • Prof. Radmila Živković, PhD, Department for Postgraduate Studies
  • Đorđe Trmčić, President of the Student Parliament
  • Prof. Dragan Cvetković, PhD, as the best rated teacher in the student's survey and evaluation
  • Uroš Bunčić, Head of Security and Maintenance Service - on behalf of non-teaching staff
  • Slobodan Unković, PhD, Professor Emeritus
  • Prof. Milovan Stanišić, PhD, President of Singidunum University
  • The program host was Dušan Borovčanin, Teaching Assistant


First year students from the Faculty of Dramatic and Cinematic Arts of University Sinergija, the class of Prof. Ljiljana Blagojević, participated in the program of the Staff Conference.

dodela-diploma-i-sednica-2017-003 dodela-diploma-i-sednica-2017-002

The celebration of the University Day was completed with the Graduation Ceremony.

The graduates of the Faculty of Business, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Faculty of Informatics and Computing, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Management, the Faculty of Applied Ecology FUTURA, as well as Master and PhD graduates were addressed by Prof. Mladen Veinović, PhD, Rector of Singidunum University.

dodela-diploma-i-sednica-2017-005 dodela-diploma-i-sednica-2017-006 dodela-diploma-i-sednica-2017-007

During his speech, Prof. Veinović thanked the graduates and their parents for choosing Singidunum University as the place to acquire knowledge and skills. He invited the graduates to join Singidunum University Alumni Association and wished them to find employment as soon as possible, to continue to learn and develop professionally and to be respectable, honest and exemplary academic citizens.

dodela-diploma-i-sednica-2017-008 dodela-diploma-i-sednica-2017-009

Photos from the Graduation ceremony can be seen in the photo gallery at the Website or on the official Singidunum University Facebook page.

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