An official graduation ceremony awards of diplomas and meetings of the Singidunum University staff

On Saturday, December 23, 2017, the official graduation ceremony of awarding diplomas was held at the Singidunum University.


After the intonation of the university’s anthem Gaudeamus igitur, students of the Faculty of Dramatic and Film Arts of the University Synergy from Bijeljina - Anđela Stojanović, Jelena Popović, Aleksandar Kojić and Nemanja Cerovac, addressed the present graduates and their parents. Students of the second year acting in the class of Professor Ljiljana Blagojević talked with suitable verses and messages to graduate students.


The graduates of the Faculty of Business in Belgrade, the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, the Faculty of Informatics and Computing, the Faculty of Technical Sciences, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Management, the Faculty of Applied Ecology FUTURA, the masters, and those promoted to the Doctor of Sciences were addressed by Prof. Dr. Mladen Veinović, Rector of the Singidunum University. Students who graduated in the centers of the Singidunum University in Nis and Novi Sad were also present at the ceremony.

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Prof. Veinović thankfully addressed the graduated students and their parents for choosing Singidunum University as a place to acquire knowledge and skills. He invited the graduates to be part of the Alumni Association of the Singidunum University and wished them to find employment immediately, to continue to improve, learn and be honest, to be honored and exemplary academic citizens.

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Diplomas were awarded by Prof. Dr Mladen Veinović, Rector of the University Singidunum, together with the faculty deans and heads of departments for postgraduate studies and foreign studies.


After the awarding of the diplomas, an official meeting of the staff of the Singidunum University was held.


At the ceremony, on the occasion of the New Year's holidays, the following addressed the public:

- Prof. Dr. Milovan Stanišić, President of the Singidunum University
- Prof. Dr. Olivera Nikolić, President of the Faculty of Health, Legal and Business Studies in Valjevo
- Djordje Trmicic, president of the Student Parliament of Singidunum University
- Prof. Dr. Zora Konjović, coordinator of the Center Novi Sad
- Prof. Dr. Mladen Veinović, Rector
- Prof. Dr. Slobodan Unković, emeritus

The programs presenter was Dušan Borovčanin, assistant.


Photos from the award ceremony can be viewed in the photo gallery and Facebook page of the Singidunum University.

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