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Student exchange program with Varna University of Management, Bulgaria
Singidunum University announces Call for participation in Erasmus + student mobility program with Varna University of Management in Bulgaria, during the period February-May 2016 .   Eligible candidates should meet the following criteria: They should be enrolled in the second, third or fourth year of undergraduate academic studies at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management and Faculty of Business; They should have a minimum GPA of 8.50 ; They should have working and functional knowledge of English (minimum B1 according to CEFR, it is desirable that the candidate possesses some of the internationally recognized language certificates); They should be the citizens of the Republic of Serbia; They should not be older than 30 at the time of mobility.   All interested candidates can submit their applications via email to apetrovic@singidunum.ac.rs and mdjurdjevic@singidunum.ac.rs , no later than Friday, November 27th, 2015 .   Pursuant to the previously specified criteria, the highest-ranking candidates will have an interview in English with the representatives of Singidunum University International Office.   For further information, please contact us: 011/30 93 209
Cooperation with Universities in Nordic and Baltic Countries
Contact seminar and higher education fair was organized on November 03, 2015 at hotel Metropol in Belgrade on the initiative of Erasmus+ office in Serbia and national agencies in Nordic and Baltic countries with the aim of establishing and strengthening of cooperation between higher education institutions in Serbia and Western Balkan region and universities in Nordic and Baltic countries. Participants from Serbia and WB region had the opportunity to become more conversant with the education systems, curricula and teaching methods implemented at the higher education institutions in Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and mobility opportunities for cooperation under Erasmus+ programme.     The members of Singidunum University International Office and PR & Marketing Service have taken part in this fair and presented study options available at Singidunum University for incoming students as well as possibilities for cooperation with the institutions in the Nordic and Baltic countries.   Jolanta Valiaugiene, Head of the International Office at Kauno Kolegija University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania, visited Singidunum University on November 04, 2015 and met with the University management to discuss possible opportunities for future cooperation. Upon successful exchange of experiences and best practices in the domain of internalization and international cooperation, an Intern-institutional agreement was signed between Singidunum University and Kauno Kolegija University of Applied Sciences for the purpose of student and teaching staff exchange.
Studies in English
The new academic year for students enrolled in study programmes in English at Singidunum University officially started on October 12, 2015.     Singidunum University has so far admitted considerable number of students from around 40 countries worldwide. This year’s generation of first-year students attending study programmes in English also includes students from Morocco, Zimbabwe, Holland, Nigeria, Romania and Columbia.     Prof. Marija Kostic, Head of the Department for Foreign Studies, Ana Petrovic, a member of Singidunum University International Office, and our student Marina Roncevic, addressed the students attending the reception ceremony and wished them a warm welcome and successful start of studies.     All study programmes (both in English and Serbian) available at Singidunum University have been accredited, which has resulted in a greater number of incoming students from Serbia and abroad who wish to study in an intercultural setting.   Photos taken during the welcome reception for students enrolled in our study programmes in English can be downloaded from our Facebook page or Singidunum University gallery .
Freshmen reception ceremony at Singidunum University
Formal reception ceremony was held at Singidunum University for all first-year students enroled in the academic year 2015/2016.   Prof. Milovan Stanišić, rector of Singidunum University, prof. Mladen Veinović, vice-rector, deans and vice-deans of the respective integrated faculties, have addressed the students.   The first-year students at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Faculty of Informatics and Computing, Faculty of Business in Belgrade, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management and Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports Management have attended the reception ceremony.     Jelena Popović, Tamara Tanasić and Aleksandar Nikezić, as the most successful students at Singidunum University, had the opportunity to extend a warm welcome to their younger colleagues.     The freshmen reception ceremony was also held at Singidunum University centers in Nis and Novi Sad, in the presence of numerous professors and students.     Please visit the offical Singidunum University Facebook page to download the photos taken at the reception ceremony. You can download the video from the reception ceremony at Singidunum University youtube chanel .
SITCON 2015 Conference held at Singidunum University
The first international scientific conference in the field of tourism and hospitality entitled SITCON-2015 (Singidunum International Tourism Conference) was held on September 25, 2015., under the auspices of Singidunum University in Belgrade.   Introductory speakers at the plenary session were: prof. Milovan Stanišić, rector of Singidunum University; prof. Slobodan Unković, emeritus; prof. Lukrecija Djeri, State Secretary at the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications; and Mrs. Gordana Plamenac, CEO of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia.     Upon the opening ceremony, Larry Dwyer, a professor at the School of Marketing of New South Wales, Australia and professor Christian Maurer from IMC University of Applied Sciences, Krems, Austria, delivered compelling and interesting introductory lectures. The remaining part of the conference was carried out through three parallel sessions, during which around 46 scientific papers were presented.     Over 130 professors, scientific workers, tourism and hospitality experts, students and representatives of the tourism industry attended SITCON 2015. The conference has also drawn a considerable number of teachers from vocational secondary schools, based on the accreditation issued by the Institute for Advancing Education and Upbringing of the Republic of Serbia, by which SITCON 2015 is recognized as a valid form of professional training.     The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Singidunum University in Belgrade and University American College, Skopje, Macedonia, was performed during the conference plenary session.   The photos from the first international scientific conference in the field of tourism and hospitality SITCON 2015 can be downloaded at the SITCON 2015 photo gallery or the official University Facebook page .
Study in English
Singidunum University has also been awarded accreditation for the realization of its study programmes in English. Admissions are underway for our undergraduate academic studies in English for the school year 2015 – 2016.     All interested candidates who wish to study in English at Singidunum University, together with their peers from 40 different countries, can get more information at the Student Service, located at 32 Danijelova Street (Weekdays from 8 a.m to 6 p.m, Saturdays from 9 a.m to 2 p.m), via phone number: 011/ 3094-094 or email: study|mmnkk|singidunum.ac.rs   Accredited study programmes in English:   FACULTY OF BUSINESS IN BELGRADE Study programme - Business Economics Modules : Accounting and Auditing Marketing and Management Finance and Banking Human Resources Management (HR)   FACULTY OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT Study programme - Tourism and Hospitality Options : Tourism Hospitality Gastronomy   FACULTY OF INFORMATICS AND COMPUTING Study programme - Informatics and Computing Study programme - Information Technology FACULTY OF TECHNICAL SCIENCES Study programme - Electrical Engineering and Computing Options : Electronic Communications Software Engineering Energy Efficiency  
Singidunum Embassy Techzones
In cooperation with an Indian real estate company Embassy Group, Singidunum University shall design one of the most advanced campuses in Serbia and the region with the aim to provide the prospective students from the country and abroad with a range of high-quality accommodation and learning facilities.     This mixed-use development is planned to have over 100,000 sqm of IT Park, retail areas, high-end residential developments, education, hospitality and sports facilities, including Singidunum University campus.     Numerous international companies shall establish their headquarters in the near vicinity of the campus. This concept is intended to provide flexible, capable and diverse workspace objects, and allow for synergies between various enterprises, education centers, and research and development centers.       There are currently over 500 students from 40 different countries enrolled in undergraduate, master and doctoral degree study programmes at Singidunum University. A majority of them come from Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, Kenya, Norway and New Zealand. Moreover, the University boasts over 1200 students coming from the neighbouring countries including Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, who have the same status as Serbian students.   All of them, as well as the incoming students from European, Asian and African countries shall be offered the state-of-the-art housing and learning facilities at  Singidunum Embassy Techzones in Indjij a.
International Scientific Conference Synthesis 2015 held at Singidunum University
International scientific conference of IT and Business Related Research - Synthesis 2015, was held on April 16, 2015 at Singidunum University in Belgrade. The speakers at the plenary session were: prof. Milovan Stanišić, PhD, rector and founder of Singidunum University; prof. Andrea Simoncelli, CEO of Generali Osiguranje Serbia; prof. Milan Janković, PhD, CEO of the Republic Agency for Electronic Communications (RATEL) Serbia; and prof. Irfan Arikan, PhD, IMC University of Applied Sciences, Krems, Austria.   The conference comprised 12 parallel sessions attended by numerous participants from Serbia, Russia, Austria, Slovenia, Greece, Libya and several other countries, who presented their scientific papers and research results to their eminent colleagues, students and other conference attendees from the country and abroad.      SYNTHESIS 2015 was the perfect platform to discuss the latest developments in the fields of the Internet and development perspectives, information security and cryptographic applications, applied informatics and education, energy efficiency and distributed systems, advanced engineering systems, contemporary business and management, finance and banking, tourism and hospitality, marketing and trade, geographic information systems, modern forms of entrepreneurship and investment, human resource management, accounting and insurance, business law and language for specific purposes (LSP).     Synthesis 2015 photo gallery  
Erasmus Student Network visit Singidunum University
On Friday, January 30, 2015, Singidunum University hosted representatives of the Erasmus Student Network. They presented the students how does this student organization work and they have pointed out different skills that students have the opportunity to gain, also which positions and projects they can apply.      Interested students may join the ESN organization by completing the following form .   deadline for application: 06.02.2015.   For further information write to : president.esnbelupgrade|mmnkk|gmail.com
Students of the Austrian Serbian program IMC Krems - Singidunum Awarded Certificates
The students of Austrian- Serbian Tourism Bachelor Programme organized in cooperation of IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems and Singidunum University were awarded WordPress certificates.  In the third year of studies, they have the opportunity to attend the course  E-Tourism  taught by prof. Angelina Njegus, where they learn how to implement modern web technologies in tourism.  All students who successfully develop and defend a project in the field of tourism using WordPress are entitled to receive the certificate.     Throughout their studies, students are also provided with the intensive training in the Amadeus GDS system, which enables them to acquire additional certificates that can be beneficial to their future career development.   For more information about the programme, visit the following site: >> http://singidunum.ac.rs/page/austrian-serbian-tourism-bachelor-programme.
The Ninth Generation of Master Students
Formal reception ceremony for the ninth generation of master students at Singidunum University was held on November 14, 2014. Professor Milovan Stanišić, Ph.D, the rector of Singidunum University and professor Goranka Knežević , Ph.D, the coordinator for master studies , gave a welcome speech at this ceremony. Students also has the opportunity to meet the directors of related study programmes and lecturers involved in master studies at Singidunum University.     Accredited study programmes: Business Economics; Internal Audit and Forensic Science; Public Sector Management; Marketing and Trade; Business Systems in Tourism and Hospitality; Contemporary Information Technologies; Engineering Management; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.     Upon formal reception ceremony, prof. Milovan Stanišić, PhD, held an introductory lecture within the course Social Research Methodology.
Ambassador of Mexico visits Singidunum University
We invite you to attend a lecture given by his Excellency, Mr. José H.Castro, the Ambassador of Mexico to Serbia . The Lecture shall be held on November 20, 2014 at 11 a.m at Singidunum University, 261 Kumodraška Street (amphitheatre 047) . The topic of the lecture: “Mexico hoy: realidad y retos”- 'Mexico today: reality and challenges'.                                                  Mexico is one of the largest countries in America, and the 14th largest in the world. It is also a major tourist attraction in Central America and the 10th most visited country in the world. This attractiveness is mostly triggered by numerous cultural and natural sites classified as UNESCO world heritage. Mexico is located in the Ring of Fire- one of the largest strings of volcanoes and seismic activity, which boasts abundance of natural resources and a true treasury of flora and fauna. Ancient history of Mexico was marked by numerous civilizations. The most important cultures on the territory of Mexico were Mayans, Toltecs, and Aztecs. Native civilizations of Mexico are responsible for numerous achievements including construction of pyramids, development of astronomy, letter, calendar, revolution of wheel etc. Mexico belongs to the MINT group. It is an acronym which refers to the group of four countries ( Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey), which are expected to become the most powerful economies in the world. Mexico has the 14th largest nominal GDP and it is the 11th largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity. Due to its rapid progress, infrastructure development, growth of the middle class, decline in poverty rate, it is anticipated that Mexico will be among the countries with the largest GDP per capita in the world by 2050.
The Day of Marketing at Singidunum University
Singidunum University organizes the Day of Marketing on December 5, 2014 where the students of the University will have the opportunity to present their creative business solutions. The aim of this event is to encourage the development of students' creativity in solving business problems, as well as to trigger precision, analytical skills and teamwork in an individual. Given that the students are the strongest drivers of innovation, projects and products of the new generation, that Day of Marketing is viewed as a good opportunity for the best students to present their ideas and teams to the key industry figures.     Belgrade Youth Center has expressed its willingness to get closer to the youth and make its educational and cultural-artistic programs available to them. The development project of this institution is called 'IT corner', which would serve as an incubator of various youth and student activities and start-up projects. Therefore, the task set before the students of Singidunum University demands creation of promotional strategy of attracting the target group of young people.     The task will be posted on course pages related to filed of Marketing and Management at all our faculties. We invite all interested students to submit their applications for this event to the following e-mail address: jgajic@singidunum.ac.rs , or to contact lecturers engaged in the courses related to the subject area described in this announcement (Marketing, Management, Services Marketing, Trade Marketing, Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality).
Ambassador of Indonesia visits Singidunum University
His excellency, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Serbia, Mr. Samuel Samson, held a lecture at Singidunum University on the topic: Jakarta-Belgrade 60 Years of Partnership: Opportunities for You". The ambassador provided students with some relevant information on the history of Indonesia, fruitful cooperation between Indonesia and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, current economic situation in this Asian country and possible student exchange programmes between Serbia and Indonesia. During this immensely interesting lecture, students were provided with some useful information related to the field of economics, tourism and informatics. Moreover, they could hear some absorbing historical facts related to the period in Serbia following the World War II, Non-Aligned Movement, and enjoy his enthusiastic and friendly attitude towards Serbia. Mr. Samson also gave some constructive ideas and advice to students of Singidunum University concerning their further professional development, career and life in general.  
The Ambassador of Indonesia visits Singidunum University
His Excellency Mr. Samuel Samson, Ambassador of Indonesia to Serbia, shall deliver a lecture at Singidunum University (Kumodraška 261, lecture hall 046) on Thursday, October 30th, 2014 at 2:00pm.   The topic of the presentation: " 60 Years of Jakarta-Belgrade Partnership: Opportunities for You"     The economic boom in Indonesia The land of Komodo dragons, exotic fruits and eternal optimists Wonderful Indonesia is home to 250,000 people, over 18,000 islands, eight sites on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites; home to Muslims, Hindus, Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Buddhists, a country rich in history that had been coined by Indonesians, Dutch, Indians, Japanese, Malaysians for centuries. The country of great contrasts inhabited by Komodo dragons, where the tribes are living in the same pace as centuries ago, where fishermen live from fish, where most of the population live on cultivating palms, cocoa, coffee, tea and rice, the country in which the unusual types of fruits are grown.   The inhabitants of Indonesia have learned to live without fear of volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, as they believe that if some of these disasters eventually happen, prosperity shall come afterwards.   Transportation and telecommunication, along with commerce, hospitality and construction are the industries that have contributed most to the economic growth of Indonesia in 2012. According to the remarks of WSJ (Wall Street Journal), president's moves are aimed at ensuring Indonesia one of the highest growth rates in the world, at the time when most of the international economies are struggling with the crisis.
Visit of the company jobs4hotels
On Wednesday, 22nd October, Singidunum University hosted Mr. Peter Lamb, the owner of the company Jobs4Hotels. The purpose of his seminar was to present how students should prepare for a job interview, what their CV should look like, etc. The seminar was interactive, Peter included the students, so they came up together with facts and solutions through discussion.     Jobs4hotels is a network which is focused exclusively on the hospitality / catering / tourism. They work globally, with employers such as Marriott, Hilton, Kempinski , Regent, Amman, Ramada, Iberostar, Best Western, Radisson, Melia Hotels & Restaurants, Steigenberger, Falkensteiner et al. Students apply and create a profile on the site, through which they receive job offers.
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