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Students received IBM Academic Certificates
Foreign students of the Faculty of Informatics and Computing that successfully passed the exam of the Information Systems course received the IBM Essentials of Rational Software Architect Academic certificate. The labs used in the Information Systems course are designed according to IBM methodology, where students learn how to analyze and design information systems, and generate the source code using Rational Software Architect (RSA) tool. With this tool, the students acquired knowledge of visual programming, and besides object-oriented concept, they also became skilled in service-oriented system development. Apart from evaluation of their knowledge through the usage of RSA, they also made the real case study project. The students were mentored by professor Angelina Njegus, PhD.  More about the study programme Information Technology at the Faculty of Informatics and Computing, Singidunum University >> singidunum.ac.rs/admission/study_programme/information-technology
Erasmus visit to Cyprus University of Technology
On May 15-19, as a part of Erasmus+ teaching mobility program, the delegation from Singidunum University, consisting of Rector, prof. Mladen Veinović, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, prof. Milan Milosavljević, PhD and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Computing, prof. Aleksandar Jevremović, PhD, visited Cyprus University of Technology (CUT). During the visit, our professors got acquainted with this institution and its professors, and together with their colleagues from the Cyprus Interaction Lab, they have identified significant possibilities for joint scientific research. The representatives of Singidunum University had a meeting with CUT's Rector, professor Andreas Anayiotos, PhD, during which they discussed several possibilities for the future cooperation of our institutions.
Our Students at Spring Students’ Ball at the White Palace
On Wednesday, May 17th 2017, the Student Conference of Serbian Universities (SKONUS) organized a Student Spring Ball at the White Palace. Forth year in a row Student Spring Ball brings together the best students from public and private universities in Serbia. In addition to the high academic achievements, they have one more thing in common – humanitarianism. The funds raised at the ball will be donated for the construction of the first stationary hospice in Serbia. The Ball was held under patronage of the Foundation for Education of HRH Crown Prince Alexander. Among the best students from Serbia, there were twenty students from Singidunum University. Singidunum University was represented by the members of the Student Parliament and Singidunum University’s scholars, but also by foreign students who study in English.
Singidunum University hosts professors from four European universities
From April 18 to 26 2017, Singidunum University was a host to professors and non teaching staff from four European universities, our partners in Erasmus+ Mobility programmes. Our University was visited by: Prof. Gholamreza Anbarjafari, from University of Tartu, Estonia Prof. Ina Bikuivene from Kauno Kolegija, Lithuania Prof. Inese Lusena-Ezera and Aija Kairena, Head of the Library and Director of Business and Management study program. Professors gave lectures to our students and took part in Sinteza conference where prof. Bikuivene and prof. Anbarjafari presented their papers. Our colleagues from WSPA International Office presented their University, city of Lublin and Poland to our students as well as the opportunities offered by Erasmus program.
Interview - Ali Elsadai - Libya
Ali: I’m Ali Elsadai and I’m from Libya. I’m a student of informatics and computing at Singidunum University. I came to Serbia in 2014. with my father who is a phd student. So my whole family came here. My native country, Libya is in the North of Africa, on the Mediterranean sea coast and in the South of Libya there is Sahara, one of the biggest deserts in the world. We have a lot of interesting places and 2.000 km of the Mediterranean sea coast which is really good for tourism. How did you decide to enroll to Singidunum University? Ali: When I came here I was looking for an University that has an English study program. The other University’s had only a masters degree and a phd in English. Through my father I heard that Singidunum University has an English program so I decided to enroll here. Could you compare the school system in your native country and the school system here in Serbia? Ali: The school systems are quite similar but there are some difference. Another difference is regarding the examination period. There we only have two examination periods. You have to pass in the first examination period or in the second otherwise you will have to take the course for the next year. That’s the only thing that is different. Are you pleased with the teaching methods here? Has Singidunum University met you expectations? Ali: Yes, I am very pleased. Actually, it was quite useful for me in all aspects. From the language, the teaching material. They provide a lot of practicum classes which I think is very important for us. In this field I think that we don’t need much theoretical learning. Do you have any plans after you get your college degree? Ali: I plan to get my masters degree. I hope that I will get my bachelor degree next year, if I pass all my exams. After that I’m thinking of going back to Libya and to work as a teacher at some University, or set up my own business. If you had to describe your college experience here at Singidunum University, which words would you choose? Ali: Great!   Singidunum Univeristy students' Media Club.
Interview - Maria Valjan United States of America
Maria: My name is Maria Valjan and I come from America. A lot of people think of it as a land of big opportunities which it is and people are familiar with the life the there. It depends on which part of America you are from, every region is different. I’m from Phoenix, Arizona so it’s the western part and is definitely more different than the East coast. Life there is repetitive, there is not a lot of places to go out, especially for people under the age of 21. Their options are usually the mall or the cinema. They go to school, hang out at therfriends houses and that is pretty much what their life consists of. I, myself didn’t much except go to school and go home. A lot of high school student get a job, which I haven’t noticed in Serbia. How did you decide to enroll to Singidunum University? Maria: I really wanted to leave America. I was coming to Serbia only in the summer and I loved it so much. I fell in love with the people and I made friends and my whole family is here and it was just the best decision for me to move to Serbia, but my Serbian isn’t that good so I needed a University where I could study in English and Singidunum was the best option I had. I did research and also some of my friend study here so that is how I heard about Singidunum University and decided it was a good fit for me. Could you compare the school system in your native country and the school system here in Serbia? Maria: I’m learning the same amount, just the teaching methods are different and the atmosphere in class is different. Here is just more basic learning, power point slides, white boards. I’m not used to this because my high school was more technologically advanced. The teachers are also different. I had a lot more younger teachers, not a typical professor like here in Serbia. They wanted you to have fun, and tried to make learning not a job. The grading system here is different, which I’m not used to. Because in the States there is A, B C, D, F. Also there I had a lot more homework, here I just have mid-terms. High school for me was always hours of work after every single day and here I just need to study for a mid-term. Are you pleased with the teaching methods here? Has Singidunum University met you expectations? Maria: Yes, it definitely has. I’m getting an education abroad, in a country I actually want to be, which maybe sounds crazy. But I can do my studies and everything works out perfectly, it is very flexible and I really like it here. Do you have any plans after you get your college degree? Maria:  I wanted to go into marketing in my third year and that is what I will hopefully get my degree in. And either work in business or, since in the States I have finished cosmetology school and I wanted to be a freelance makeup artist and market myself. Also, I definitely plan to stay here. The way America is right now, it is not my ideal living situation, especially right now. But four years from now anything could happen, who knows. But for now I plan to stay here. If you had to describe your college experience here at Singidunum University, which words would you choose? Maria: It’s very open minded, because I got to meet a lot of teachers and professors and my class is so diverse, there are students from all over the world, there are student from Africa, Austria, South Africa.. and I got to hear a lot about other cultures and I got to experience living in Belgrade so I thing that Singidunum had a lot to help with that, just for me to be more open minded and to learn and grow.
The International Conference Sinteza 2017
On Friday, April 21th 2017, the fourth International Conference Sinteza 2017 was held at Singidunum University. This year, the focus of the conference was on information and communication technologies, Data processing, collaboration between universities and industries and different forms of electronic commerce. At the plenary session ceremony, the attendees were addressed by: Prof.Mladen Veinović, PhD, Rector of the Singidunum University Prof. Endre Pap, PhD, Professor at the Singidunum University Mr. Roberto Mignemi, one of the founders and CEO of Omnitech IT Company from Italy Maarten de Vos, PhD, University of Oxford Mohammed Ismail, PhD, Wayne State University After the opening ceremony and plenary session, work continued in several sessions that cover the following areas: Information Security Data Science Internet and Development Perspectives Advanced Computing and Cloud Computing Software and Information Engineering E-Commerce systems Electronic Communications and Digital Broadcasting Systems Advanced Engineering systems Modern technologies in language teaching Information technology in education Synthesis 2017 was an ideal opportunity for all participants to present their work and research results to the general public as well as to exchange experiences and ideas with other renowned experts from the relevant fields. This year the Scientific Committee of the Conference consisted of 28 professors from Serbia and 40 professors from 37 prominent universities around the world. Out of the total number of submitted papers, 40 of them were from the Singidunum University while the rest of the papers came from other scientific institutions from Serbia, USA, Bulgaria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nigeria, Macedonia, Lithuania, Greece, Great Britain, Libya, Spain, Montenegro , Romania and Russia.  In the context of the Sinteza 2017, a seminar for high school teachers titled: "The application of the Internet in communication with students-Course pages " was held. In addition to a large number of vocational and grammar school teachers, Sinteza2017 Conference was attended by students of Mathematical Grammar School in Belgrade, who were interested in Data Science session. Pictures from the Conference can be seen in the gallery of the Singidunum University’s website, here . On the Sinteza Conference’s website there are reports and photos from this year's conference.
International Students’ Day
Singidunum University organized International Students’ Day event on Tuesday, April 11, 2017. Our students from around the world presented cultures, traditions, customs and gastronomy of the countries where they were born and grew up. The event took place in the University hall in Kumodraška Street. Our students coming from Libya, Nigeria, Angola, China, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Qatar, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Greece, Cyprus, the United States and Montenegro presented their countries. Prof. Mladen Veinović, Rector, opened the manifestation by greeting the students from all continents. Prof. Veinović warmly welcomed them, ensuring that they would get high-quality knowledge and skills at Singidunum, and hoped that they would find time to make new friends and take nice memories of Belgrade and Serbia back to their home countries. Prof. Marija Kostic, PhD, Director of Department for Foreign Studies and Bojana Feršiši, Student Services Associate, addressed the students and handed them certificates of achievement for successful organization and management of this event. Students of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management organized, for their colleagues who study in English, a tour of the Avala Mountain, Avala Tower and the Monument to the Unknown Soldier. The International Students' Day photos can be viewed on the official Facebook page of Singidunum University. . Natasa Paunović, first year student and a member of the Press Club of the University, is the author of the photos.
Qatar’s Ambassador to Serbia visits Singidunum University
His Excellency Mubarak Fahad J.M. Al-Thani has made a visit to Singidunum University on February 3, 2017. The Ambassador of the State of Qatar was received by President of Singidunum University Prof. Milovan Stanišić, PhD, Rector Prof. Mladen Veinović, PhD, and Director of Department for Foreign Studies Prof. Marija Kostić, PhD. During the visit, much attention was devoted to the accredited study programs in English taught at Singidunum University. The Ambassador kindly invited our professors and students to present Singidunum University at an upcoming education fair to be organized in the State of Qatar. Cooperation in education between the State of Qatar and the Republic of Serbia will continue to develop through official state bodies.
Interview with Prof. Milovan Stanišić, PhD, in CorD magazine
Prof. Milovan Stanišić, PhD, President of Singidunum University was interviewed by journalists of Alliance International Media - CorD magazine, a regional leader in business publications. The interview was published in the publication titled “ Human Resources Dual and Vocational Education Training ”. You can access the complete issue of “ Human Resources Dual and Vocational Education Training ” by clicking here.
Professors from Poland visit the University
Prof. Michal Biernacki, PhD, and Prof. Piotr Luty, PhD, professors of the Faculty for Management, Computer Science and Finance of Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland, visited Singidunum University on Thursday, December 1, 2016. The Letter of Intent for academic cooperation between the Universities was signed on this occasion, and it was agreed on further arrangements to enable mobility of students and professors within the Erasmus + Program in the following year. The professors from Poland participated at the international scientific conference FINIZ 2016 and they will presented the following papers: Piotr Luty, PhD “The Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions in Serbia and Poland in the period 2005-2014: a Sectorial Approach” Michal Biernacki, PhD “Cost of Physical Distribution as a Component of Customer Service Cost, in the Practice of Companies in the Lower Silesia Region” Rector Prof. Mladen Veinović, PhD, and Prof. Marija Kostić, PhD, Director of Department for International Studies, as well as members of the International Office, attended the meeting with the guests from Poland.
Training of the Italian company OmnitechIT
The official training of the Italian company OmnitechIT named "Identity and Access Management" was held at Singidunum University from 5th till 29th July for selected students of the study programme Informatics and Computing. The training was held in English, with a four-week programme: Week Subject Trainer Support Trainer 1 General IT/Business Dunja Pesic Luis Cartin 1 General IAM Dunja Pesic   2 IM/CA Dunja Pesic Silvia Nestola 3 ISAM/IBM Dunja Pesic Renato Campus 4 ISIM/IBM Dunja Pesic Renato Campus The following students attended the programme: Birtašević Nikola Cako Sandra Devečerski Ivan Gdhaib Nur Krečković Milija Kunjadić-Ćulibrk Kristina Lazić Nikola Migrić Igor Milosavljević Nikola Milošević Igor Nedeljković Strahinja Nikić Bogdan Ostojić Lana Pajić Dušan Tmušić Marko   The students were given official participation certificates of course attendance by the rector of Singidunum University, professor Mladen Veinovic, PhD, and by Mr Paolo Bruni from the company OmnitechIT Managing Partner. The best students will continue their training for internship starting from September 5th, 2016. This training is one of the first steps in the cooperation of the Italian company OmnitechIT and Singidunum University. The mutual company OmnitechIT Serbia which is currently being founded will be placed in Technological park in Zvezdara, Belgrade. The founders’ agreement will be signed by the President of Singidunum University, professor Milovan Stanisic, PhD, and CEO of OmnitechIT, Mr Roberto Mignemi. Trainings at different levels and lengths for around 20 students from Singidunum University are planned biannually. The trainings will be held in Belgrade and Rome, after which students will gain the first titles such as junior consultant for information systems security. Apart from consulting, the development of specific solutions and integration of professional security systems for big organizations, banks and other institutions in Serbia, eastern Europe and Russian market is planned.
Ambassador of Canada in Belgrade visits Singidunum University
We would like to invite you to attend a lecture given by his Excellency, Mr. Philip Pinnington, the Ambassador of Canada to Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. The lecture shall be held on  Tuesday, May 10, 2016  at 03:00 p.m  at Singidunum University, 261 Kumodraška Street (amphitheatre 047) . The topic of the lecture:  Canada’s Social Diversity: Strengths and Challenges. Mr.Pinnington is a career diplomat who has been serving with the Canadian Foreign Ministry since 1986. He has also served at Barbados, Ireland and Belgium, and was the political advisor of the Canadian mission to NATO. In Ottawa, Mr. Pinnington has served in many different capacities, namely as deputy director of the International Crime Division, deputy director of the Assignments Division, director of the Bilateral Relations and Operations Division in the Europe and Eurasia Bureau etc.  He completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Toronto. He is married to Erica Pinnington and has three adult children.
Third international scientific conference Sinteza held at Singiunum University
The third international scientific conference SINTEZA 2016 was held on Friday, April 22, 2016 at Singidunum University in Belgrade. The emphasis of this year’s conference was on ICT and E-business related research. The speakers at the opening ceremony were: Prof. Mladen Veinović, rector of Singidunum University; Professor Branko Kovacevic, a full professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade and a longstanding friend of Singidunum University; Mr. Roberto Mignemi, a co-owner and CEO of the Italian company Omnitech IT; Mr. Deasún Ó Conchúir, PhD, Collaboration consultant and trainer at Scaterwork GmbH , Switzerland   Sinteza 2016 provides an ideal platform for the exchange of information and dissemination of best practices, advancements in the state-of-the art and technical improvements in the domain of ICT and E-business related research in today's ubiquitous and virtual environment. This year's scientific committee comprises 28 professors from the country and 40 professors from 37 reputable Universities worldwide. The overall statistical data on the conference are as follows: The number of submitted papers: 125 The number of submitted full papers: 111 The number of accepted papers: 102 The number of rejected papers: 9 The number of papers according to their related field: The Internet and Development Perspectives: 16 Advanced Computing and Cloud Computing: 7 Cryptography and Security: 13 Energy Efficiency and Distributed Systems :2 Geographic Information Systems: 3 Advanced Engineering Systems: 19 ICT in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching:11 E-business, banking, commerce, marketing: 33 E-governance: 7 ICT in Tourism and Hospitality: 12 ICT in Physical Education and Sport Science: 2 Out of the total number of papers, 44 is from Singidunum University, while other submissions came from reputable institutions in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Libya, Greece, Lithuania, Germany, Norway, Romania, Switzerland and  United Arab Emirates. The Conference Proceedings are currently being prepared and shall soon be available on the conference website , as well as all relevant post-conference information. 
International students  at Singidunum University
As a highly innovative and competitive higher education institution, Singidunum University advocates intercultural awareness and mutual understanding among students coming from different cultural and social backgrounds.  One of such initiatives was the International day, which was organized on April 11, 2016, at a university building at 261 Kumodraška Street. International students  enrolled in study  programmes in English at Singidunum University delivered riveting presentations to their Serbian colleagues on  their cultural traits, tradition, customs  and gastronomic heritage. A great majority of them was from Libya, Great Britain, Nigeria, Angola, Romania, China, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Belarus, Qatar, Zimbabwe and Montenegro. Prof. Mladen Veinovic, PhD, rector of Singidunum  University addressed the attendees of this gathering. He extended a warm welcome to all international students at Singidunum University, and told them that they have made the right choice and that they will acquire necessary skills and knowledge at Singidunum University. He also emphasized that they should take this opportunity to learn more about Serbian cultural and historical heritage, establish contacts and friendships with their colleagues from Serbia, and pass along their positive impressions of Belgrade and Serbia. Upon the official ceremony, an open-top bus tour around Belgrade was organized for all international students at Singidunum University. They were accompanied by their colleagues from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, who have shown them the most interesting and famous Belgrade attractions, including St. Sava temple, Kalemegdan fortress, Knez Mihailova Street, Skadarlija etc. This sightseeing tour was supported by  IDEA . Please visit the official Facebook page of Singidunum University to download photos taken during the International day.
3rd International Scientific Conference Sinteza 2016
We are pleased to inform you that the most innovative papers presented at this year’s international scientific conference SINTEZA will be recommended for publication in Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering (M24). The authors of the selected papers are obliged to submit an extended version of their paper that will be thoroughly reviewed in accordance with the criteria outlined by the editorial board of the journal. The papers that successfully undergo the review process shall appear in a regular issue of the journal.   We would also like to remind you to submit full papers to the 3rd International Scientific Conference on ICT and e-Business Related Research (SINTEZA 2016), which will take place on 22-23 April 2016, at Singidunum University in Belgrade (Serbia), via the conference online submission portal: http://sinteza.singidunum.ac.rs/submit   The Conference provides an excellent forum for scientists, researchers and industry practitioners to present and discuss the latest advancement as well as future directions and trends in IT and e-Business-Related research in today's ubiquitous and virtual environment.   Authors are invited to submit full papers describing original research in areas including, but not limited to:   The Internet and Development Perspectives Advanced Computing and Cloud Computing Cryptography and Security Energy Efficiency and Distributed Systems e-Business e-Banking e-Commerce e-Marketing e-Governance ICT in Tourism & Hospitality Geographic Information Systems Advanced Engineering Systems ICT in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning ICT in Physical Education and Sport Science       IMPORTANT DATES:   Deadline for full paper submission: 21 March 2016 Notification of paper acceptance: 10 April 2016 Deadline for poster submission: 15 April 2016 Conference date: 22 April 2016.     All papers should be written in English, the official language of the conference. After receiving a positive review, the submitted papers will be published and made publicly available via the conference portal. Each paper will be assigned itsDOI number, reference on Google Scholar, and Conference Proceedings will have an ISBN number.   Please note that only papers presented at the conference will be published in the Conference Proceedings.   Should you require any additional information about the conference, please visit our conference website: http://sinteza.singidunum.ac.rs   We apologize if you received multiple copies of this newsletter. Please feel free to distribute it to those who might be interested.   We look forward to receiving your submissions soon.
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